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When I quit college to move to Africa, before I ended up accidentally opening a school for our orphanages at risk kids, I’d spend my days at the hospital malnourished children’s ward. Spending my days washing the bedwound ridden bodies of 7 year old skin wrapped skeletons, feeding formula through feeding tubes on their last days living. Giving the mom’s time to go wash the soiled bedding by hand in the courtyard while I’d carry a small momentary load.


All to watch children die. Week after week. Sometimes 5 in one week. Every one of them, from starvation.

They’d come too late and the simple fix damage was already done.

It was here that I had a dream birthed.

I heard of a person who provided basic medical and nutritional care + human touch and attention to bring starving kids back to health.

From that moment 9 years ago my dream has been to take 1 child in at a time, feed, hold, rock, pray and love them back to health. 1:1, rip them far away from deaths door. To give my life to this. Living in a remote forgotten unseen part of the world, loving where it’s dark. That’s been my BIGGEST dream my whole life.

This past month God whispered to me about my influence… “make it a village” He said.. and turned my eyes toward the UNMATCHED community i’ve had surrounding, supporting and answering to every single mission ive been involved in the past 11 years.

“Make it a village”… easy, with my people!!

And like that, the dream was detonated into something faaarrrr more glorious than i could have thought up.

A village of healing homes. Where ( i and other) volunteers would come and say “i can give 2 weeks, I can give 2 months, I can give 1 year”, and 1:1 we’d serve and love life back into them .

So much of what I’ve run into nation after nation, is simple simple DOABLE stuff. And damnit I’M WILLING. Send us! Ill go build it, yall come!

This is what my heart cries out to Jesus and sits up thinking about at night.

This and more project dreams just like it.

I shared with you my 10 year dream to start a non profit to be able to run after projects like this. Shockingly I was able to do a hefty amount of the paperwork that hung over my head for 10 years and we are at the END of the paperwork to officially open this non profit. $300 stands in the way of submitting final papers and receiving the green light to officially GO and give donors tac deductions for their contribution to everything we do from here on out.


If you feel so moved to help make this final “finally” happen so we can feed the starving, medicate the sick, house the homeless and answer when He calls, every penny will help toward that $300.

I cannot wait to share this coming journey filled with volunteer trips with so many of you.

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