One Tiny Little Angel

yesterday we had this ceremony and i held this girl maybe 7 years old on my lap. she was the sweeeeeeeeeeeetest girl. she had this innocent but  flirty smile. all the kids actually tend to do this flirty smile thing with you on accident. they all stare at u with blank and stern faces, but what ive learned is that theyre only waiting and hoping that youll look through the crowd of kids and notice them… i like to look around crowds of kids and make eye contact with as many as i can. because what ive found is that as soon as you look them in the eye, if you just smile at them, and only them…. their stern face melts away and their whole face lights up,,,, the way you would imagine a kid to look, but better. anyways this girl, had been smiling at me all ceremony. so i waved her over to sit on my lap. like i said she was probably about 7. the thing was  though, she was particularly small. and i hadnt realized it until i was  holding her in my arms. my hand, from thumb to middle finger easily wraped down around ther little thighs, and my hands… i held her arms in my hands and….her little arms… her little arms… it just tore me to bits. i was so boggled.. the only way i can describe how small her arms were is this, take your hand and with your thumb and pointer finger, make a cricle about the size of a quarter,…. there, … youre holding this 7 year old girls arm in your hand…

she was an angel.

She's the One

bless you,

sophie b.

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